A Learning Experience Unlike Any Other

 The Ranch at Bulls Bay is a state-of-the-art teaching facility designed and created to complement one of the most highly ranked private clubs in America. At The Ranch, our sole mission is to offer the highest quality golf instruction to players of all ages and skill levels, helping each individual reach their full potential and realize the most enjoyment possible from the game of golf - truly the game for a lifetime. While The Ranch at Bulls Bay was established to enhance and augment the club experience for Bulls Bay members, non-members can take advantage of the services and facilities at The Ranch on a space-available basis as a student of one of our staff teaching professionals.

Highly Trained Professionals

Everything we do at The Ranch at Bulls Bay is aimed at meeting one goal - to maximize the golf skills of our students. While the goal remains the same for each student taking lessons, the route to achieving that goal can be as different as the students themselves. Unlike many golf schools and boutique golf academies, the staff professionals at The Ranch do not teach the same “method” to every student.

Our teaching focuses on the basic law and principles of the golf swing, as well as the correct chronological order of the swing. We also believe that there is more than one correct way to swing a golf club efficiently, depending on each individual's body type and flexibility. By tailoring our instruction to the student, we make sure that you are getting what works best for you. 



Bulls Bay has been ranked annually among the top 100 residential golf courses in America by Golfweek Magazine

Member & Non-Member Lessons by Appointment Only

To schedule a private lesson call (843) 881-2223, ext 1 or to inquire or register for clinics, schools or any services call (843) 881-2223, ext 224.